100 Days of Gratitude

Today, I’m starting a journey

I’ve found myself feeling sadness emanating  from within. I feel the sadness, I acknowledge the sadness, but I do not hold onto it. I let it pass through me as with every other thought and emotion.

But what happens when I continue to feel that sadness? I let it pass and it returns the next day within my being. And thinking about my sadness only makes me sad because  I thought I had let it pass, but there it is again. So instead of just letting it pass, I’ve decided to try something new.

100 Days of Gratitude

Each day I will post one thing that I’m grateful for. Kind of like a gratitude journal. I may just post the thing, or I may expand on it. I’m not really worried about the ins and outs of this, I just want to find the gratitude within me and get it onto the page.

I’m hoping that this will empower me to realize the beauty within my life. I’m not hoping to eliminate the sadness. I understand that sadness, just like happiness, is an emotion–a state, and each state passes. I just hope to be more aware of the things in my life that make me happy because I’ve got so much to be happy about.


Caught pre-smile as I was trying not to laugh




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