Nights Alone, Reconnecting, and Realizations

I’m thankful for nights alone when I can reconnect with myself and with my pets.

My partner was out of town last night, and I was able to really meditate and find my zen. I realized that the job I truly seek isn’t the job that I’ve been seeking. I realized that I have been basing who I am and my worth off of the positions I’ve held, and I’ve always sought out better and higher positions because that’s how I knew I would present myself to the world. How I would be judged by the world, and how I would essentially judge myself.

Then I realized that I’m happy with who I am. And I’d be happy with a job that’s easy, that doesn’t require a lot of stress from me. One that I can enjoy going to in the morning and not dread falling asleep because I know I’d have to wake up to it.

I want a job that will allow me to keep my work life and home life separate. Where I can leave my work at work and come home and just be at home with my animals and with my partner and with myself.

I want to work somewhere with a fun and young culture, where I can enjoy being around other people my age in a great environment. I’m going to find this job that I seek. and this job will only add value and joy to my life, not take away from it.

I’m excited about the opportunities I forsee.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given to reconnect with myself and the realizations I was given. Thank you older souls who saw me struggling and gave me guidance on my journey. This is a turning point in my life.


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