8 Little Truths

As I begin my 26th year around the sun, I’ve realized a couple of things:

  1. Each day is just what you make of it.
  2. Life seems like a long time, unless you break it down into small, living moments. Then life seems not only manageable but a swiftly moving river.
  3. Each moment can be chosen to be seen in the light that shines on it, or in the shadow it inevitably casts.
  4. When there is sun, there are also shadows. It’s not wise to ignore the shadows, but acknowledge them, and acknowledge the sun as well. Be thankful for both, for one cannot be without the other.
  5. Take each moment and hold it. Breathe it in. Live that moment. Because that is life. Life isn’t tomorrow or yesterday; life is now.
  6. Life is short; don’t waste it making your body feel bad and convincing yourself it’s normal. It’s not normal! Do things that make your body and mind feel good.
  7. You can always make a change. Don’t feel pressured into continuing to live a way that is not pleasing to you just because it’s what you’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t fight your body, mind, and spirit. Just let go of the person who you think you are and allow who you truly are to show up.
  8. Accept who you are each day. Don’t hold on to who you were yesterday. Acknowledge and feel each day as you are that day: anew.


These are just a few thoughts I wanted to jot down quickly.


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