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Face Wash Recipe

I know it was my goal of this blog to keep a record of the projects I start. So here’s the first time I’m starting that!

I made my DIY Face Wash today. Typically I loosely follow this recipe— adding a little 4and I can never remember what worked and what doesn’t work. But here’s the recipe I used today:

1/2 c pre-boiled water (still warm just because I’m impatient)
1/2 c green tea
1/4-1/2 c castille soap
1 tbs almond oil (which I just found out my skin LOVES and I tried to use 2 but I messed up the first recipe and only had 1 tbsp left. SAD!)
2 tbs fenugreek tea
2 -3 tbs marshmallow root tea
2 tbs honey
just a few drops teatree oil (probably too much tbh. my skin doesn’t really like teatree oil)
20 drops peppermint oil
5-10 drops rosemary oil

Then I shake that bad boy up and bam done!

This is the first time I’m trying the marshmallow root and fenugreek in my recipe and almond oil actually, but I’m afraid I may have put too much teatree oil, and peppermint in. Sometimes they’re just too harsh on my skin, and I can be a little too heavy-handed on the Essential oils.


Update** this is working so extremely super well! I just am so happy it’s working so well! I’m also trying my best to be there with my face, feeling it as I wash it and sending it good vibes, just being happy that it’s there and that it’s my face. I feel like I used to live in this delusional state where my face didn’t really look like the way it does; I can feel the same way with my body until I open my eyes and see it clearly and yep that’s what I really look like.. I guess I’m just used to what my face used to look like (and my body), but I need to realize that lying to myself about the predicament I’m in doesn’t help said predicament. It’s always better to acknowledge it and experience it for what it is. This goes not just for experiences but for feelings thoughts, everything! Just feel it and let it pass. When you hang onto it when I hang onto it, it makes it worse. It makes me live in it when I don’t have to. I can live in each new moment and see what that new moment brings.

Gosh look at me, just rambling!

That recipe up there seems so forced. Idk if I want to re-write it or just let it be as it is and just accept it for who it is and who I was when I was trying to write it. It’s so beautiful and majestic when the words just flow from me. I feel like a tap and sometimes I just spring! Idk if making myself write will make me spring easier, or I guess it would have to be letting each moment come and experiencing that moment then. For example, instead of making a point to write every day in the morning, in the morning just feel how you’re –I’m feeling and do that. There are so many things I could do in the morning like breathe, exercise, walk with Bear, write, read, study, ooh studying sounds nice! Yeah there are a ton of things I can do in the morning. Okay, this turned into more of a journal entry, and I guess that’s just how I’m feeling right now. And that’s okay.chakrasOne day, I’ll take pictures of the things that I make. I feel like pictures take away from the experience of doing it. Documenting something takes away from the actual experience. So I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures. And I don’t want to wait to post this until I take the pictures, so I’m posting it without them and saying I hope I take pictures soon haha but it’s not super high on my to-do list.


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