Pint-Sized Prose

Living in a World of Shoulds

*Whenever I have a thought to write about something, I always question whether or not it’s appropriate content for my blog. Thus compelling me to create a new category Pint-Sized Prose. This one below is a combination of my thoughts on writing a blog as well as an introduction of what Pint-Sized Prose is about.*

“Should I write about social issues?”
“Should I write about my own life?”
“Should I have lists in threes?”

So many shoulds!

I realized the other day that I live in a world of “shoulds.”

I should do this or I should do that. But I rarely stop to ask myself, What do I want to do? What will make my mind, body, and soul happy in this moment?
Instead, I tell myself what I should do or how I should act. I feel so much cleaner, and clearer on the inside when I just do what my bidy -my insides want to do. Have that clarity is so refreshing. So often I feel murked down by the shoulds of others imposed on me and/or created by me–“This is how it should go. This is what I should do.” Ridiculous.

I’m aiming to be better

To not let the shoulds of me influence the now of me.




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