Thoughts on… Job Interviews’ Personality Assessments

I hate taking personality tests for employment. Diminishing my personality to true/false statements seems demeaning, and I feel like it creates a false representation of who I truly am. For a majority of the questions, I wish to answer “It depends” and give my explanation, but with an inability to do so, I find that I allow myself to slowly slip further and further into an apathetic state, citing that there’s no way they could really be getting a feel for who I am anyway, so why care. Feeling like I’ll probably fail anyway, and it’s almost impossible for me to put up a fair fight.

But I always work through it (the best I can), go back through all 100 questions, and ensure that I’ve represented myself in the truest and most genuine way possible. I really want to put myself out there as a candidate; I believe that I’ve been unhappy in previous positions because I’ve presented my most professional self in interviews leaving my most true self to fall by the wayside. From now on, I’m making an effort to show who I truly am so that when I get the job, I won’t have to feel like I can’t be myself. But I suppose a part of that is continuing to make an effort to discover who I truly am.


Okay, this was just a break (Q. 57: I prefer to work with frequent breaks and feel invigorated with a new sense to dive back into projects: T or F?). Now I’m heading back to the mental alertness portion of the assessment.



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