About Me

I’m not sure yet.

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog in hopes of getting validation for my thoughts. Even though I said I was doing it for me, I know I was affected a lot by how many likes/comments/replies I would receive – how many people would let me know that my thoughts are not only fine, but great.

That’s not where I’m at currently, but that is why I started it.

What I Hope To Gain

I hoped to gain a facade of a life that I don’t live (but perhaps wanted to live)? I think I hoped to gain envy from all the people who saw this blog and thought that I had my shit together in a simple, minimalistic, elegant, refined way through the images and layout I used on my blog (not to mention what I wrote about). But the truth is, that’s not me. I have no brand and am all over the place. I’m messy and weird and funny and I am not one of those simple blog havers. I’m no longer trying to make myself fit into that framework, and I’m (TRYING HARD TO BE) no longer afraid of who I am/might be.



c72d5df0-cde8-4890-b8df-6b29ed467041Namaste, bitches.


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